“I am loving these pickups!!! They’re so punchy and elegant, honestly changing my playing for the better. Thank You” – Ryan Adams 

Just installed these mind blowing pickups in my 335 build! These pickups have a soul!!! Thanks a million Mark!!!” – Patrick Flore – USA

“Hey man, she sounds amazing. I just dialed the pickup heights in and I’m really impressed. The guitar sounds alive. So dynamic, so many tones, so beautiful. Thanks again’ – Greg Proulx – USA

“Hi Mark,
These Hot Duanes are rockin! Nice n bitey. Really good mids. A great contrast to the previous set I bought from you…but still the same singing clarity! Highly impressed… Again! Keep up the amazing work. Will be purchasing a third set soon.
Attached are some photos of the guitar I put them in. My ebony 1990 Les Paul. A really killer playing and now sounding guitar. Top stuff!” – Dave Jon- UK

“Articulated, clear, balanced, it reminds me of the 60′s – 70′s British sound, Jimmy Page, Paul Kossof, Peter Green, Clapton Cream period etc ..” – Thierry Huylebroeck – France

“Hi Mark, Got your pickups yesterday and installed them in the evening. Sounds just amazing! Today I got time to take a picture and do some more noodling on the guitar. Love it. Thanks a million.” –Karsten Jacobsen – Denmark

“Hi Mark, Pickups installed in my R8. I’m really pleased with them. Had a chance to try them out at proper volume over the weekend and they sound great. Lovely vintage style to them”. – Stuart Marks – UK

“Hi Mark. Got the pups installed yesterday and took them for a short test run. I really, really appreciate the sound and the dynamics I get! Pups are installed in an early 70′s Les Paul routed for ordinary hum buckers. Big thanks! I will definitively recommend your pups for anyone interested. Cheers!” – Jonas Freden -Sweden

“I’ve been playing your Low Wind set in my 1992 LP Std. for couple of weeks now, and let me tell you, you’ve really got something going on there! Long story short..Mike Bloomfield.. you know what I mean, this is the wonderful clean sound with just the right amount of bite.. so vocal and responsive to touch.. But there is so much more going on, that just can not be heard on recorded music…As always, one has to play himself, to appreciate – like the impression of space, feels like hearing both coils separated and at the same time together!” – Tomas Vanecek – Prague, Czech Rep.

“I really love the sound of your Pickups, even the Luthier himself was blown away by the tone and quality.It turned into the best sounding Les Paul of my collection.” – Michael Marti Switzerland

“Hi Mark, well got them where i want them now…they are extraordinary mate..thank you very much.  I am inspired and your pickups are the sound i have longed for…so articulate and open, they are brilliant how the fuck do you do it! I am going to be buying another Pickguard from Grosh guitars soon and this will be for strat PUPs, so i can interchange them with the HB so will defo be coming back to you for some 50′s pups from yourself. Once again Mark than kyou very much bloody amazing work…just SOOOOOOO much better than the others..cheers” – Mark Wishart – UK

“Hi Mark,

Sending you some pics of my R8 Iced Tea with your pickups installed. They sound really great! Couple things stand out to me compared to a #$%&-load of other boutique pickups I have tried:
The neck pickup is really warm AND clear sounding while still maintaining a punchy low. Second thing is how clear and bright the bridge pickup sounds without getting harsh and spiky. I really love how balanced the tone of the bridge is. To sum it up in one word: balance! Cheers and keep up the awesome work!” – Ole Petter – Norway