About OX4 Guitar Pickups

I call it Ox4 as that was the postcode of my flat when I lived in Cowley Road. I was making the pickups on dinner table! I now live in a different part of the city and still make them in my spare room.

Each pickup is made to order, hand wound and assembled using the best materials and components available.  I make the baseplates, covers, slugs and keepers with vintage correct materials.  My pickups read anywhere between 7.1k to 8.9k.  I dont pot them either. I’m very proud to have worked with some truly amazing Musicians from all over the world..Paul Stacey, Larry Carlton, Les Davidson, Trevor Keith, Dan Gig Rig, JD Simo, Matt Schofield, Ed King, Greg Martin, Darren Randall Glover, Flash Lightnin, Roman Rist, Carter Vintage, Jam City Guitars, Ben Lloyd Sleeping Souls and many others. Thanks for using Ox4!




Please email your comments to: mark@ox4pickups.co.uk

“Received my set of OX4′s today. Within 20 minutes of opening the box, they were installed in my Les Paul and were screaming through my little brown princeton. I am so stoked with these! Everything I hoped they would be and more. Thank you for your awesome work!” -Dave LeRoy Biller – USA

“My beautiful Rist Showhorse from Roman Rist just got a set of low wind OX4 pickups (6.9k neck and 7.5K bridge). Wow they are amazing! I am such a happy guy right now. Thanks for making such a killer product. I have been through a couple of sets of pickups in this guitar (from very big name pickup makers). Roman told me about he OX4 and I heard some clips of his other Showhorses with them in it. I will have to admit I was a bit skeptical due to unfulfilled expectations after many other humbuckers. Well I am not any more. These things are just perfect. The tone and feel are outstanding. I don’t know how OX4 has done it where so many others have failed, but there is something special going on here. Get yourself a set of these. Thanks again” – Stevie Blue -USA

“Hi Mark, Pickups arrived, installed and got their first gig under their belt.Certainly one of the best set of pickups I’ve played (and I gone through a fair through in my time). I first installed them on my number 2 Les Paul, but they lasted 5 mins on there and went straight on the number 1. Sound unbelievable through a Marshall 1958x. Thanks!!!!” Dave Diston – Switzerland

“Hello Mark! I received my new pups and I am blown away!  Love them! Thanks man! – Justin Jarvis – USA

“Hey Mark! I just finally did a gig with my R8 where I could really hear these pickups. Good God do I love them!!
It was just my Darkburst R8 plugged straight into my Vox Cambridge. The middle position is just wow” – Steve Selvidge – The Hold Steady

“This Greg Martin’s clone set is just amazing !! It fits all my expectations, it is the perfect mix between clarity, articulation and growl.” - Arnaud Kauffmann – France

“just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the pickups. I have them loaded in a 60′ Historic Les Paul and they are a huge improvement over the stock Burstbuckers. These pickups have everything…detail, warmth, just the right amount of bite and they sound fantastic clean or overdriven. This is about the closest thing I’ve heard to a real PAF. I’m going to order another set for my 335 soon. Thanks again for the great service.” – Tim Collins – USA

“Hi Mark, I’ve put the pups on my Orville and the sound is authentically killer, now I can say there’s a mojo workin’ for me! I am in love with your PAFs, great work Mark, I will use extensively this set of OX4 pickups in my next album” – Federico – Italy-  http://www.urizenkramer.com

The clarity is remarkable- just like a PAF. They sound better with just a little hair as opposed to alot of overdrive. It didn’t take much tweaking at all- and the balance is great. And they look great. - James Cichy – USA

 ”Finally had time to install the pickups!!!! Got to say I’m over the moon with them. They replaced a set of custombuckers in my R8, the difference is like night and day! I’m seriously going to order another set to replace the Seth Lovers in my Knaggs Kenai. Outstanding work Mark.” - Mark Leeson -UK

“I received my pair of OX4 a few days ago and installed them in my R8. I am a huge fan of the Mule. But I’ve to say that the OX4 sound just fantastic. The definition and clarity are incredible. They have a lot of personality. More than my lovely Mule who are a bit un personal. (which can also be a quality)They’ll stay for a long time in my guitar. Great thanks to Mark, who’s a really nice and serious person. Great job, quick shipping. And he answers quickly to all the questions I had.” – Michael Rouge – Switzerland

“Today morning I got the guitar back and I’m blown away by the tone and looks. The pickups are stellar! Truthfully, I didn’t expect them to be so outstanding, …especially the bridge pickup, … I can’t find words, it sounds like a bell, so clean and pure, simply awesome!

Thank you for turning a ok guitar into a tone monster! I’ll recommend you to all Les Paul players who think of a pickup swap.” – Rainer Mischon – Germany

“Mark, a note to let you know how much I love the OX4′s in my Les Paul conversion. My friends Ed King, JD Simo, Gary Bohannon, and Jim Weyandt were on the money about your work. I own a beautiful 1958 Les Paul, plus a couple other Gibson’s with early patent pickups. There is a special compression with the early Pup’s, you absolutely replicate that with the OX4′s. Keep on trucking brother, you have nailed the tone, now I just got to play the right stuff!!” - Greg Martin The Kentucky HeadHunters

 ”Mark, Love them, Awesome, Toneful, Articulate, Musical, and balanced with excellent string to string separation. I fully endorse your pickups as a paying customer. I am VERY pleased.” Roman Rist / Rist Guitars – USA

“Killer sound, clear and dynamic. I’m so impressed by the vintage tone I heard. My CC#16 deserved  to have great pickups, it´s done thanks to Mark!” - Thomas Letailleur – France

“The Mark Stow pickups are incredible…more compression than others I’ve heard.  VERY similar to my 59.  I have a friend who put his pickups in a new Allman LP and the sound sold me.” – Ed King – Nashville

“The PUs sound phenomenal in my Lester … waaaahhhhoooooooooooooo!
Paired with my 68spec’ed Metro Plexi – this thing is just smoking!

Thank you so much!
Keep going the good work :-I

Wolfgang” - Wolfgang Schuneritsch

Just wanted to let you know I got the pickups today, I’m blown away by what I’m hearing through my amp and I’m sure I’ll be back for more – Steve Henning / Henning Amplification

“Man that’s Great!! I finally got to play them last night for a bit!! They sound fucking wonderful mate!!! I’ve heard lots but you really have it right!!” - JD SIMO /Nashville

“These are the best aftermarket pickups I’ve ever heard. It’s all about clarity and OX4′s have that clarity that I’ve only ever heard in old Gibson pickups. The only pickups that compare to the original Gibson PAF’s and Pat #’s supplied from the late ’50′s thru the mid ’60′s… are OX4′s. I love OX4 pickups!” – Gary Bohannon / Nashville

“Hey Mark. I finally had a chance to try out your pick ups  not sure what you did here, but I think you sent me a GREAT set of original PAF’s by accident!
Man, you have hit the nail on the head with these. I am going to AB them with a whole slew of other pick ups  I have maybe 8 or 10 sets here to try out, including some originals (two sets) and some Pat No.’s but I will be surprised if any come close to these” - Tom Bartlett / Bartlett Guitars

“I’ve tried a few replicas and these are the only ones that match the sound in my head to what a vintage PAF should sound like to me” – Lewis Grey

“I have to say…you have blown me away with these pickups. They aren’t just small jump up, the difference is night and day. Such a bell like tone…the middle position is not just usable…it is now my favourite position. In the words of DanGigrig…you’ve knocked it out the park. I will recommend these highly to anyone and everyone…and shall I get a new guitar in the near future…I will be ordering another set in a heartbeat. Words failed me when I plugged in…such classic tones.
I am converted. 10/10 from me.”

Dave John

“Mark made me a set of gold PAFs for my early 80′s Flying V, and completely knocked it out of the park. If you’re looking for the ultimate set of PAF pickups, you’ve found them”

Daniel Steinhardt – TheGigRig.com

“After installing the OX4 humbucker in my Les Paul studio, I completely forgot about the previous custom pickup I was so fond of. The OX4 is without a doubt my new favorite. Smooth, creamy overdrive and focused midrange. Just the way I want my guitar to sound. Mark makes a quality product that I highly recommend.”

Trever Keith – Face to Face

“Mark is totally dedicated to what he does and the pickups he did for my Precision Bass we’re exactly what I was looking for”

Adam Hinton - Bassist / Aptik Limited edition apparel

“I have tried ALL the PAF clones, Mark’s are the best”

Paul Stacey – Producer / Guitarist

“The pups on my SG sound fantastic! The closest thing to PAFs I’ve herd. Thanks man! 

Les Davidson –  Guitarist

These are the closest thing I’ve heard to a PAF – I’ve also tried, but “Ebay’d” the following – Gibson Classic 57′s, Gibson Burstbuckers, WCR Fillmore, WCR Darkburst and Lindy Fralin PAFs. 

“I’m on my 4th set of OX4′s! My favourites are 8k4 in the bridge 7k3 in the neck! Compared them to a set of Pat # PAFs in the same guitar – VERY CLOSE!!!”

Simon Keats – Origin Effects

“After my experience with Mark and OX4 Pickups I know that I’ll always choose his pickups in my guitars. The quality of his work and the friendly customer service is on par with the best guitar pickup manufacturers in the world.”

Mircea Burtan – Guitarist